Kermal Wladna

Kermal Wladna is a campaign for raising awareness between families funded by “Margret Hayman Trust” about the violence behavior of the kids, which may consider not very serious or dangerous due to war and all the circumstances they faced after displacement and coming to Lebanon.
Two days training for the working team, the subjects were: child soldiers, peace education, and dealing with the special cases we may face in the field.
6 sessions with parents in 3 schools: Yalla , Gharsa, and dhamma. The targeted group were 512 parents.
Focus group with 15 parents and 4 teachers to deal with some special needed kids.






Peace Youth cafe


Nuon organization for building peace is launching its program ((Peace Youth cafe))


An interactive participatory monthly meeting at the organization’s headquarters in Beirut. It is a platform and a space for dialogue on the needs of young people (their ambitions, their ideas and their vision), in addition to the presence of presentations in each session hosted by the Organization of leaders of the civil social or political society, who will share their experiences so young people will gain new experiences and knowledge, empowering them for the future.


The meeting is from (one 1:00 until 5:30pm on the third Sunday of every month).