Membership acceptance conditions

Membership acceptance conditions

1-      He/ She should believe in organization objectives, without any discrimination based on religion, national, gender, or any other reason. And the person has reached 18 and full-fledged.

2-      He/ She should fill the application form of organization, that  he/ she should pledge in it to be committed with internal system of organization, its objectives, and to pay membership fees.

3-      He/ She shouldn’t seek behind personal benefit by using organization address and its representative.

4-      He/ She should had a good conduct and behavior and wasn’t convicted with felony or petty crime.

First: Member Rights

Article 1:

Participate in the organization program.

Article 2:

If any member became a representative of the organization in any official forums, he/she has the right to speak in the name of the organization, but he/she should not deviate from the objectives of the organization.

Article 3:

Every member has the right to nominate and vote in the elections of the organization bodies.

Article 4:

Every member has the right to resign after sending a notice to the organization and providing reasons for the resignation.

Second: Members Duties

The member should:

1- Maintain the organization without prejudice to its reputation.

2- Contribute to the activities and events of the organization, which aims to protect the cultural heritage and of the Syrian People Culture and to preserve the civil peace.

3- Each member who had the membership honor in the organization should follow and accept the internal system of the organization, and should accept all the decisions that were issued by the organization.

4- Contribute to educate the principles and the objectives of the organization and work with these principles and objectives.

5-  Be committed to pay a membership fees

Membership Termination:

Board of directors has right to dismiss any members, if attributed to him/her any of these following violations:

1- He/She neglects or obstructs the application of the organization constitution and instructions issued by board of directors.

2- He/She doesn’t take into account the behavior rules and morals, or insults to the organization’s reputation.

3- He/She commits a grave mistake due to negligence, which may cause a loss for organization