Because of our belief in human rights and as an essential door to peace-building, we work on the Syrian Observer of Human Rights Program. We launched the Syrian Observer in Lebanon (SOL) because there are undocumented violations against the Syrian refugees, an estimated million and a half refugees. We have issued twelve (12) reports monitoring the state of human rights in the Lebanese Bekaa area where 400,000 of these refugees reside.


Human rights report on the situation of Syrian refugees in Beqah Lebanon









Universal Periodic Review of Syria

26th session of the UPR working group, November 2016

Jointly submitted on behalf of  

“AWASUR” Alliance for Writing and Advocating Syrian UPR Report,

Concerning Human Rights Violations in Syria

“AWASUR” members:


Nuon Organization for Peace building (NUON); Dawlaty Association (DAWLATI); MARATOUS for citizenship and human rights (MARATOUS); Lamsat Ward Association; Alkarama Foundation; Syrian Network for Human rights (SN4HR); Enssan center for documenting human rights violation (ENSAN); Center for civil society and democracy in Syria (CCSDS); Violations Documentation Center (VDC); Syrian Women’s Network (SWN); Komîtên Bihara Kurdî li Sûriyê‎; Amals Healing and Advocacy Center; Human Rights Guardians (HRG); jabhat nusra violation; The Palestinian League for Human Rights-Syria (PAHR-S); Palestinian human rights organization (PHRO).


Supported by:


Development Interaction Network (DIN); Syrian civil coalition (Tamas); Syria Relief Network; Syrian Feminist Lobby; Syrian center for legal studies and researches; Madani Institution supporting civil society role in democratic translation MADANI; Lawyers and Doctors for Human Rights; Legal authority of Syrian Revelion; Decostamine Initiative; International Organization for Human Rights; improving psycho-social support, building capacity and peace for refugees from Syria and host communities; Damma-hug; ABAAD organization; Rassemblement Democrtaique des Femmes Libanaises (RDFL); No Peace without Justus; Volunteers Without Borders; Geneva Institution for Human Rights (GIHR); Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND); Euromed Rights- Euromediterranean Human Rights Network.


Steering Committee supervising the UPR report preparation within AWASUR:


Nibal Salloum (Programme Manager – NUON); Ahmad Saleh (Researcher & Reporter – Dawlaty); Asharf Al Hafny (Manager – Lamsat Ward); Omar Al Shaar (Communication Officer – MARATOUS); Maher Isper (Director – DIN);                  Raji Abdulsalam (UPR expert, Human rights Consultant – ENSAN & Quality Controller – PHRO); Rami El Saleh (Human Rights Education & Raising Awareness Supervisor-PHRO); Anis Mohsen (Journalist & Researchers Officer – PHRO); Ghassan Abdallah (General Director – PHRO).

The steering committee would like to express the gratitude and appreciation to all CSOs, NGOs and activists contributing: data, documents, reports and efforts. Especial thanks for those valiant men and women, who risked their life in the fields to secure the data for documentation, and we couldn’t mention their name for security reasons.


  • As well as the steering committee would like to highlight the vital enormous contribution of: DIN for the crucial data offered; Nuon for the management and coordination offered; PHRO for hosting and experience offered; UN OCHA and CCSDS for their hosting services and logistics in  


  • Please note that, this report has been divided into two reports to fulfill the CSO contribution guideline submission in-particular the word and pages count. And submitted by NUON and PHRO on behalf of AWASUR


Contact for the two reports submitters:



Annex 1: Acronyms and Definitions

Annex 2: Members and Supporters NGOs, CSOs & Networks info

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