From The Heart of Lebanon to The Wounded Syria

Nuon Organization for Peace-Building in the International Peace Day 22-9-2014 went in walk in peace under the panner from the heart of Lebanon to the wounded Syria to deliver a massage  (for peace stop the war in Syria).

The activities started with drawing workshop for kids in Al Sanayeh Garden and signing a petition asked for international community intervening to stop war in Syria and spread peace delivered to the United Nations, signing a petition thanking the Lebanese for hosting the refugees from Syria delivered to the Lebanese government, . signing a petition neutralizing the refugees from the latest conflicts in Lebanon delivered to the ministry of social affairs. Then a walk from Al Sanayeh Garden to City Hall, the government administration building.

Our aim was to Raise the voice of the Syrians who refuse war and who want to solve their problems by peaceful ways without using weapons those who refuse radicalism and want their home to give equal freedom, rights and duties to every citizen.

We also highlighted the situation of  the refuge childrens in the school starting time and the danger of Recruiting kids and the importance of neutralizing the refugees from the latest conflicts in Lebanon Confirming the support of the two countries people to each other always and the importance of judging any Syrian person who breaks the law in Lebanon without taking any reaction agnist all Syrians

The civilian organizations of  Syrian and Lebanon were with us in this event.


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