Invitation to attend a workshop focus on documenting the violations of human rights in syria (kidnapping and forced absence)

Nuon organization is very pleased to invite the civil society activists from Syria to attend a workshop that focus on  documenting the violations of human rights (documenting of kidnapping, forced absence, physical and psychological torture). This workshop will be held in October – 2013, in Beirut for five days. In this workshop, we will provide all the necessary skills for documenters in order to enable them to improve their abilities to work inside Syria in documenting violations that have been committed by all parties. And we aim to make them an activated basis in Syrian civil society.

Selection criteria

1- She/he works inside Syria.

2- She/he is between 25-40 years old.

3- She/he is from middle and southern governorates (there is another workshop for activists form northern governorates and we will determine its date later).

4- She/he has general idea about documenting subjects and we prefer if she/he works in this area.

5- She/he believes in human rights as a base in her/his life.


Applications should be sent by Email to:


Note (all expenses are covered by the organization)

Nuon organization for peace-building